Maybe This is a 5 Year Plan

19 Sep

Once Upon a Time Season 2 recently came out on Netflix. So, of course, I had to watch it. Can I say that I am in love with Belle’s outfits?

With fall around the corner, I’m thinking about sweaters and cardigans again–although, mostly, it’s just thinking. I’ve got a bajillion other things in my fibery queue, but I keep dreaming. I particularly like this cardigan.

Actually, I like the whole thing, but particularly that cardigan.

Actually, I love the whole outfit, but particularly that cardigan.

I was recently looking through my pattern library, and I bought the Coraline pattern ages and ages ago and never made it. I think that’s about to change. It’s not exactly the same style, but it has that light and drapey look, and I already own the pattern. I’m trying to use more stash lately.

Even my yarn is from stash!

Even my yarn is from stash!

I also want to make some hats. Tending to the chickens and yard this winter means more quick trips outside, and I feel I ought to be prepared with a stack of cute hats to tug on over my morning hair. And maybe some mittens or fingerless gloves. Well, at least I can get started on this massive wardrobe I’m thinking about….

Veyla mitts in progress.

Veyla mitts in progress.



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